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The Bellabusta’s Guide to Colored Tights

Nothing takes the doldrums out of cold-weather dressing like a fun pair of tights. Say goodbye to black with these 3 ways to wear colored legwear!


1. MONOCHROMATIC - This style is easy to pull off. Just match your tights to the rest of your outfit to create a very of-the-moment look. This all-over matching works best with dark muted colors like gray, plum or navy. Don’t forget to add colorful accents to keep the look interesting.

                        Inspiration (Via Kansairetro)


                                   Try this:

Ways to Wear Colored Tights - MONOCHROMATIC

2. POP OF COLOR - Loud tights are intimidating but if you work with them you may be able to pull off something spectacular. Your clothes and accessories should be in subtle and complementary colors to the tights and should not be competing with your stockings. 

               Inspiration (Via The Styling Dutchman)


                                Try this:

Ways to Wear Colored Tights - POP OF COLOR

3.COORDINATING - By wearing clothing that has similar colors to that of your tights, you can bring the whole look together.

                                Inspiration (Via Hallie Daily)

                                    Try this:

Ways to Wear Colored Tights - COORDINATING

Some women swear by colored tights while others shy away from them. What do you do?

(This article originally appeared in “The Jewish Press”)